• family beach vacation packing list by Nadezhda1906 from canva
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    Family beach vacation packing list + free PDF printable!

    I actually had a different article planned instead of this one, but we’re about to travel to a beach and I’m making a packing list. So, a family beach vacation packing list article it is! When we went to Croatia this June (2021), we drove our car. Which means, we had lots and lots of space for everything that I…

  • View of a couple kissing at Laguna de los Tres in El Chalten, Argentina.
    Argentina,  Chile

    What to pack for Patagonia and what not to pack [2021]

    What to pack for Patagonia? Well, it’s quite easy to answer – winter stuff! Even if you’re travelling to Patagonia during summer, that is, December or January, you still need winter stuff. Patagonia is located in the very south of South America where the Atlantic and Pacific winds meet, so it’s one of the windiest regions in the world. When…

  • Essential things to pack for travelling - image by Diego Cervo via Canva.com
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    Essential things to pack for travelling + free PDF printable!

    What to pack for a vacation? Not easy to answer. Each vacation is different. You go to different destinations, stay in different accommodation, travel in a different way. But! There are essential things to pack for travelling that you need to take on EVERY trip. Those things are easy to list. All of these essential travel items, bar the hiking…