• basilica san marco in venice during sunrise

    Unique things to do in Venice: 10 unseen activities

    Everyone knows that when you visit Venice, you should explore the canals and bridges, visit the Saint Mark’s Square, ride a gondola, go to Burano, and similar things. But there are so many more unique things to do in Venice as well! So, if you have time left in Venice to do something more than the must-do’s, consider adding one…

  • Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute during sunrise

    Venice travel tips: things to know before visiting Venice

    Looking for Venice tips? Let me help you! Venice is a wonderful location that everyone who’s going to Italy should visit. I know that many people say to not go to Venice altogether because, well, there are so many people always going there. But I’m not one of those people. I think Venice is such an incredible destination that everyone…

  • two people on the rialto bridge in Venice

    Tipping in Italy: bills and tips explained

    In short, tipping in Italy is as a general rule not necessary. It’s not a custom and it’s definitely not a requirement. But, of course, that’s in general – as always, there are some exceptions. Some of those are – that sometimes it’s ok to leave a tip. Sometimes it’s ok to leave a big tip, but sometimes – a…

  • Gondolas in Venice during sunrise

    Venice 2 day itinerary – loveliest 2 days in Venice

    Venice is one of the most unique places in the world. A city built completely on islands in a lagoon, with thousands of years of history and architecture to show for it, you should definitely have a Venice 2 day itinerary on your Italy trip plan. There are no roads to drive on, only canals, and the streets are narrow…

  • broken car window with sad smiley face in it on a film
    Travel Tips

    Road trip safety tips including avoiding robbery

    Last month (September 2021), I learned the hard way that not everyone remains safe while on a road trip. Storytime! My parents were driving over half of Europe to visit us. For the night, instead of sleeping in a hotel, they decided to sleep in their van in a truck parking lot in Poland. They’ve done it loads of times…

  • there are different types of travellers
    Travel Tips

    Types of travellers: which one are you?

    There are as many different types of travellers (or tourists) as there are types of people. Some people are thrifty, some spend on luxury items. Some rather relax at home by watching TV, some go out in the mountains to hike. And on, and on, and on! So why would it differ for tourists? Is it different types of tourists…

  • self-catering holiday packing list
    Travel Tips

    Self-catering holiday packing list + free PDF checklist

    A self-catering holiday packing list is a little bit different from your usual hotel holiday packing list. When you travel to stay in a hotel, you generally plan to eat out – in restaurants, cafes, and so on. So, when packing for a self-catering holiday, there are extra items you need to take with you so you can cook comfortably.…


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