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  • there are different types of travellers
    Travel Tips

    Types of travellers: which one are you?

    There are as many different types of travellers (or tourists) as there are types of people. Some people are thrifty, some spend on luxury items. Some rather relax at home by watching TV, some go out in the mountains to hike. And on, and on, and on! So why would it differ for tourists? Is it different types of tourists…

  • self-catering holiday packing list
    Travel Tips

    Self-catering holiday packing list + free PDF checklist

    A self-catering holiday packing list is a little bit different from your usual hotel holiday packing list. When you travel to stay in a hotel, you generally plan to eat out – in restaurants, cafes, and so on. So, when packing for a self-catering holiday, there are extra items you need to take with you so you can cook comfortably.…

  • blogging fast lane cover photo

    Blogging Fast Lane review: My honest thoughts on the course

    Since you’re reading a Blogging Fast Lane review, you’re probably wondering if the Blogging Fast Lane accelerator is the right one for you. And I understand you – there is a huge amount of blogging courses out there, so it’s not an easy choice to make. There are many resources bloggers use – social media scheduling, keyword research, and many,…

  • two people in front of kinkakuji golden temple in kyoto, japan

    Packing for Japan: what you need to know and pack

    Exciting! You’re creating your packing list for Japan! I’m excited for you, honestly – I’d like to visit Japan again. And then again. I just fell in love with the country – and the food, a lot. There’s so much we didn’t get to try! Japan is quite a special place to go to. It’s quite its own world –…

  • Futon bed in a ryokan

    Ryokan in Hakone with private onsen – the 7 best of 2022

    Staying in a ryokan with private onsen in Gora, Hakone, was one of the best experiences we had in Japan. There’s subtle luxury, traditional Japanese hospitality and culture, incredibly tasty food (kaiseki is something else when you’re in a ryokan)… there are just so many things that I loved about our experience! Whenever someone mentions wanting to go to Japan,…