• A view of Kinkaku-ji temple in Kyoto

    Japan in November: photography to inspire your wanderlust

    Visiting Japan is like hopping on a rollercoaster of amazing and unique experiences. It doesn’t matter if you visit Japan in November during the height of Autumn foliage, or in April when the sakura blooms. From admiring the beauty and tranquility of Buddhist temples and gardens to enjoying the exquisite Japanese cuisine, there’s a lot to experience whenever you visit…

  • Tempura shrimps is a classic sample of famous Japanese food By shaiith/stock.adobe.com

    Famous Japanese food that everyone should try in Japan

    Food alone is an excellent reason to visit Japan. All those mouth-watering teppanyaki, sukiyaki, okonomiyaki and other yaki… And all the delicious ramen and udon and soba and other noodle delicacies… And all the amazing sushi and sashimi… Famous and fabulous, Japanese food will tickle your taste buds and make them scream with happiness. Yup, Japan is a gastronomic paradise!…

  • View of a Shinkansen train at Osaka station.

    Everything you need to know about rail travel in Japan

    The answer to the question “What is the best way to get around Japan” is most definitely “train”.   Rail travel in Japan is not only the most efficient way of domestic travel, it is a super-cool experience by itself. If you picture Japanese rail travel as sitting in the sleek and futuristic-looking Shinkansen, whizzing by at a neck-breaking speed…

  • Vermilion torii gates of Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto

    The ultimate Japan 10 day itinerary for first-time visitors

    Visiting Japan will give you a shock. An incredibly interesting, absolutely unique and most definitely a very positive cultural shock. Our 10 day Japan itinerary takes you on a rollercoaster of amazing experiences that only Japan offers. The freshest sushi in the world. The unforgettable ride in a fancy Shinkansen that is never late. The beautiful old Buddhist and Shinto…